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Paul Louis Narcisse GrolleronDawnoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.001
Image file: '1926.002(detail).jpg'
Henri HeyligersChildren on Seashore1915oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.002
Image file: '1926.003(detail).jpg'
Thomas Rose MilesRoundstone Bay, Connemaralate 19th centuryoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.003
Hermanus Koekkoek the youngerHarbor in Hollandoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.004
Image file: '1926.005(detail).jpg'
Narcisse Virgile Diaz De La PenaThe Forest Poolcirca 1827-1876oil paintingOn exhibitionUMFA1926.005
Image file: '1926.006(detail).jpg'
Jan ChelminskiMarshall Ney on the Banks of the Dneiper River in 1812circa 1871-1925oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.006
Image file: '1926.007(detail-2011).jpg'
Hollander de MeesterAfter the Stormlate 19th/early 20th Centuryoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.007
Image file: '1926.008(detail).jpg'
Lluis Graner ArrufiExpectancycirca 1883-1929pastelCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.008
Image file: '1926.009(detail).jpg'
Jean Jacques HennerAuburn Haircirca 1849-1905oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.009
Image file: '1926.010(detail).jpg'
Charles-Francois DaubignyThe Rivercirca 1837-1878oil paintingOn exhibitionUMFA1926.010
Image file: '1926.011(detail).jpg'
GilbertCottage in the Snow19th Centuryoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.011
Image file: '1926.012(detail).jpg'
E. Aubrey HuntThe Gondolacirca 1875-1922oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.012
Image file: 'image_not_available_button.jpg'
L. van GulderMoonlightoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.013
Image file: '1926.014(detail).jpg'
Carl MullerVenicecirca 1882-1938, 1862-1938oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.014
Gennaro FavaiSanta Maria, Venice19th centuryoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.015
Image file: '1926.016(detail-2011).jpg'
Edward Percy MoranGrand Canal, Venicecirca 1882-1935oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.016
Image file: '1926.017(detail-2012).jpg'
Albert BierstadtThe Sentinellate 19th Centuryoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.017
Image file: '1926.018(detail-2011).jpg'
Carl MoonThe Huntercirca 1898-1926oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.018
Image file: '1926.019(detail).jpg'
Eanger Irving CousePueblo Indiancirca 1900oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.019
Image file: '1926.020(front).jpg'
Michel ArnouxChildren at Playcirca 1853-1877oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.020
Image file: '1926.021(front).jpg'
Paul Louis Narcisse GrolleronCuirassiercirca 1868-1901oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.021
Hanson Duvall PuthuffValley of the Moonoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.022
Image file: '1926.023(detail).jpg'
Lluis Graner ArrufiFlowerscirca 1883-1929oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.023
Image file: '1926.024(detail-2011).jpg'
Charles P. AppelSunset1921oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.024
Simeon BuchbinderPainter of a Still Life19th centuryoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.025
Hendrik Willem MesdagFishing Boats ReturnwatercolorCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.026
Image file: '1926.027(front).jpg'
John Francis MurphyNew Englandcirca 1873-1921oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.027
James M. HartCattle in Meadowoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.028
Image file: '1926.029(front).jpg'
Alfred de BreanskiMountain Lakecirca 1872-1928oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.029
Image file: 'image_not_available_button.jpg'
Dan Sayre GrosbeckRussian Shoe CobblerdrawingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.030
Image file: 'image_not_available_button.jpg'
Thomas Francis WainewrightCattle at Rest1831-1883watercolorCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.031
Image file: '1926.032(detail).jpg'
Rudolph F. BunnerFisherman's Home19th-20th centuryetchingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.032
Image file: '1926.033(detail).jpg'
Neil Reed MitchellMoonlightcirca 1878-1934gouacheCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.033
Image file: 'image_not_available_button.jpg'
Alcide Theophile RobaudiTroubadorcirca 1880watercolorCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.034
Image file: '1926.035(detail-2011).jpg'
Carl MoonA San Juan Indian Maiden1919oil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.035
Image file: '1926.036(detail).jpg'
Giuseppe AureliAn Oriental Beautycirca 1878-1926watercolor, gouacheCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.036
Thomas HillIn the Sierrasoil paintingCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.037
Image file: 'image_not_available_button.jpg'
George Howell GayTidal Wavecirca 1878-1931watercolorCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.038
Image file: '1926.039(front-2008).jpg'
Philip Lodewijk Jacob Frederik SadeeFisher Folk1837-1904, late 19th centuryoil paintingOn exhibitionUMFA1926.039
Image file: '1926.040(detail).jpg'
Neil Reed MitchellMoonlightcirca 1878-1934watercolorCurrently not on exhibitionUMFA1926.040


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